Marti's Cheese Blintz Filling/Topping Recipe
From Stormi

2 tbspfat free cottage or grated farmers cheese
1 tbsplow fat sour crème
Fruit jam / preserves or fresh fruit
Powdered sugar

Place cottage or farmers cheese inside the heated crepe(s) and roll into a log roll.

Spread the low fat sour creme drizzled across the top of the blintz roll itself.

Place any preferred type of fruit jam or preserves dabbled across the top of sour cream.

Drizzle very lightly with powdered sugar :-)

*NB: I much prefer fresh fruit, rather than the preserves or jam (I'm diabetic) and don't need the extra sugar!

If you prefer the fresh fruits, then place a little inside with the cottage cheese before rolling, crushed lor bruised lightly.

Then proceed as above, perhaps adding a few berries, or a peach, or some of the fruit across the top over sour cream, and before sprinkling the powdered sugar.