From Xandria

Lbs/oz g/kg
1 pack1 packGrape vine leaves
17.5oz500gMinced beef
17.5oz500gCooked rice
½ cupDried mint

Cook the rice until ready, then cook the minced beef until fully browned. Mix the beef with the rice and mint.

Take a grape leaf, and lay it stem towards you, add a small amount of the mixture about an inch from the stem in a horizontal sausage shape. Fold over the edges of the leaf, and then roll, starting with the stem end until you have a sealed sausage shaped dolmade. Continue rolling the leaves until you have finished the mixture.

Lay the dolmades in a shallow oven tray and cook until very slightly browned (about 15-20 mins at 350 F / 175 C).

Dolmades freeze well.