Farikal (Norwegian Lamb & Cabbage Stew)
From Cala

Lbs/oz g/kg
2¼lbs1kgLamb, (cheap cuts with bone and fat)
1 largeCabbage
1 tbspWhole peppercorns
2 tspSalt

Slice the cabbage into boats, (cut it in half then slice from the middle outwards).

Find the fattiest bits of meat and place a layer of it on the bottom of a medium to large saucepan, then add a layer of cabbage boats. Strew some of the peppercorns and sale over. Repeat until the meat and cabbage is all used.

Ensure that cabbage is the top layer.

Let the mix boil for 3 hours or more on a low heat. The longer the mix is left on the heat the better it is.