Twirled Pasta Salad
From Thinwhite

Lbs/oz g/kg
12oz340gbag of three-vegetable garden-style twirl pasta
2oz57gshredded fat-free cheddar cheese
1 largecucumber - peeled, sliced, and quartered
1 largefresh tomato - peeled, and diced
15oz425gcan red beans
fat-free Italian salad dressing
tony chachere's cajun seasoning
garlic powder
4oz114gcooked salmon (optional) or packaged crabmeat (optional)

Cook pasta for twelve minutes. Remove from heat, drain, and place in refrigerator for at least 45 minutes (the more chilled the pasta, the better this one turns out it seems).

After pasta has chilled, remove from regfrigerator and place into a large bowl (one with a lid works well for tossing). Add a fine layer of garlic powder, a fine layer of the Cajun Seasoning, a layer of Italian dressing, the cucumbers, tomato and a layer of cheese and toss or mix well. Add the can of beans, another layer of Italian dressing, garlic powder and Cajun seasoning, another layer of cheese. Mix well again. Taste -- it is very possible to overdo the Cajun seasoning and garlic powder, so remember -- fine layers.