Pork and Beans in Cream
From Adazakura

2Medium onions
2Cloves of Garlic, crushed
Olive Oil
2Pork Loins
½ bottleSweet White Wine
1 tinChopped Mushrooms
1 tinFlagolat or Borletti Beans
½ potSingle cream
4 servingsBasmati Rice

Chop the onions into cm cubes and fry lightly with the crushed garlic until see through. Chop the Pork loins with the grain finely into strips 2-3 cm long. Add to onions and garlic. Add a small drop of white wine so the mix doesn't dry after the pork has cooked. Add the tin of mushrooms and allow to soak up the flavours. Add the beans and roughly half a bottle of sweet white wine. Allow to simmer.

Add cornflour to thicken then just before serving add half a pot of single cream.

As an alternative, try adding some mustard to the process.
Serve with basmati rice