Ham & Swiss Quiche
From Quincy & Redsox

1deep dish pie shell
1½ cupsmilk
1 tsporegano
1 tspsalt
½ to 1 tsppepper
2 tbspflour
½ cupdiced ham, lean
½ cupshredded swiss

Cover bottom of pie shell with shredded swiss.

Cover swiss with lean ham, as much as you think you will like.

Put the rest of the ingredients in a blender, making sure you rub the oregano in the palms of your hands first.

Blend until ingredients all get to know each other.

Pour slowly onto ham/swiss layers, it is thin and may splash some.

Bake in 350 F / 175 C degree oven for 35 mins, or until top is no longer liquid and begins to brown a bit.

Remove from over and enjoy.