Seasoned Beans/Red Beans and Rice
From thinwhite

Lbs/oz g/kg
1 lb.454gpackage of dried red beans (aka Red kidney beans, etc)
¼ tspgarlic powder (unless you're me, then it's a LOT more)
1chopped onion
⅛ tspOregano
⅛ tspground basil
2bay leaves
2 capfulsliquid crab boil per pound of beans
3cloves of garlic, diced
1clove of garlic, crushed
Cajun seasoning to taste

Once again, your heart will appreciate you for the dried beans because there is no hidden sodium. Just follow the directions on the bag for a "quick soak" as this really is superior to the overnight method. Faster too. After draining the beans, rinse them off in a colander in one is available. If there isn't one, you CAN pour the beans back and forth between the dog and cat's water dishes, but as for me, I prefer the colander method. Cover with six cups fresh water per pound of beans, bring to boil, lower heat to simmer, and cover. I know a lot of folks have trouble finding the liquid crab boil, but I lived in Cajun land a long time before I learned that little secret. A small amount makes them taste as good as anything you can get in New Orleans. As with the garbanzo beans, let simmer for about 45 minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients, except for the fresh garlic. This will let the beans "open up" and absorb the flavor of the spices. Cook for an additional 45 minutes and serve over a bed of rice. (Brown rice is much better, heartwise, as it has less starch that gets converted into sugar and thus into fat, but some people take a while to get acquainted with it's different flavor.) White rice isn't cheating TOOO badly, but you could do better. If you're doing the heart healthy thing, you'll also want to forego the garlic French bread on the side..but my advice is to indulge every now and again in that department. Not too often, but now and again.

One can make a TRUE N.O. Style red beans and rice dish by the simple addition of browned Andoulle sausage to the mixture as well. I've found that the recipe without it is good enough to satisfy my hunger very nicely, though, and my cardiologist is happier with me for it.

One way to coax a bit more flavor out of this dish is by adding the rice right to the whole concoction about twenty minutes before it is done. The rice soaks up the juices and spices much better, in my opinion. In my wife's opinion, it's better over the rice..ergo..we eat it over the rice. You can always control the consistency of your meal by either adding water for a soupier mixture, or removing some of the beans right before cooking is done, mashing them up, and returning them to the pot to thicken it.