Tandoori Chicken Marinade
From Xandria

1 cupplain yogurt
½ cupfresh lemon juice
1 tbsppaprika
1 tbspminced garlic
1 tbspminced fresh ginger
1½ tspground cumin
1½ tspCayenne pepper
1 tspturmeric
½ tspground cardamom
1 tspsalt (optional)
½ tspground pepper
2 tbspoil

Remove and discard chicken skin. Make diagonal slashes ½ inch deep and 1 inch apart. Place in a large bowl or glass baking dish.

In small bowl combine the yogurt, spices and oil. Coat chicken with marinade working into slashes. Cover and marinate at least 2 hours at room temperature or up to 24 hours refrigerated.

Prepare barbecue grill. Grill over medium hot coals until lightly browned on bottom about 15 minutes and continue cooking, turning and basting, until golden brown and cooked through, approximately 15-20 minutes longer. Rice is a pleasant side dish.