Orange Marmalade
From Xandria

Lbs/oz g/kg
6 largeSweet oranges
Water to cover
2-2.5lb900g-1kgSugar (Same weight as orange mix)

Grate the peel of 2 of the oranges and the lemons.

Cut grapefruit and oranges in half, remove the peel and pith and place in large pan. Cover with water and boil until tender.

Chop into small pieces and add the orange peel, the juice and pulp of the oranges, the juice and grated skin of the lemons.

Weigh the contents of the saucepan and stir in an equal weight of granulated sugar. Boil until the mix reaches setting point.

Ladle the hot marmalade into hot sterilized jars and boil in canner for 10 minutes.

Makes approximately 1 litre.