The #mixednuts chat room can be accessed in 3 ways, either by using the basic chat window on the website, the web interface or application, or by using an IRC client (e.g. mIRC).

[m]Matrix Instructions.

For those using the website chat room :
Go to the Chat Room page , put a nickname in the box, then click on "Start" and wait for the room to open.

For those using an IRC client :
Server = ; port = 6667 (or 6697 ssl); channel = #mixednuts

Questions About #mixednuts

Q: I'm not in a good mood so I'm not welcome in #mixednuts, right???
A: Wrong!!! Just talking can help. Reach out and make a connection with other people in a safe place. Breaking out of isolation is helpful in and of itself.

Q: I don't know anybody else here so I'll always be just an outsider, right?
A: Nope! Guess what? None of us knew each other until we met online. Keep coming back and we'll get to know you too.

Q: I feel really bad so I'm angry and resentful of anybody who's able to joke and smile. Is this the place for me to chat?
A: Uhh, no. #mixednuts exists as an alternative to the conventional whiney pity party depression chats. There are plenty of depression rooms where one can wallow in despair and commiserate with other depressed people. This ain't one of them.

Q: I'm very suicidal and I need to talk to somebody. Can I get counselling here?
A: The Ops and other participants at #mixednuts are not trained counsellors, therapists, doctors, nurses or associated with any medical profession. We do care, so we want you to talk to someone who is equipped to help you! Please use our Suicide Crisis pages to find a crisis intervention phone number.

Q: I don't have depression or bipolar disorder but someone I care about does. Am I welcome to ask questions and learn more here?
A: Yes, come on in and chat with us. We like "normies". (hee hee)

Q: So, what is it that you chat about here?
A: We just talk. Sometimes we talk about medications and depressive disorders, sometimes we get totally silly and don't talk about anything depression related at all. It all depends on what you want to talk about.

By entering the chatroom you are confirming that you have read and will follow the rules. Failure to follow the rules will result in a ban from the chatroom.